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We have all heard the phrase ‘Speak truth to power,’ but I think what SHE advocates is a little different. It is as if Jinah is infusing power into hope, into justice, into a call for radical change to rid our society and all societies of sexual violence.


– Cisco Bradley, Author / Professor / Activist


The Jinah Parker Project

The Jinah Parker Project is a non-profit arts organization created to inspire people of all backgrounds through dance, choreography, education, and wellness. Tackling major social issues in America and globally, Jinah views dance as a transformative tool to encourage cultural exchange, courageous conversations, and individual and community action. In short, Jinah’s art is for “the people” and is inspired by everyday people. Her work SHE, a Choreoplay, has been a major effort in that regard.


SHE utilizes dance, drama, song, and video to highlight what the New York Times Magazine has called one of the major human rights issues of the 21st century: gender violence. With SHE, Jinah has created the template for her work, which includes performance, conversation, curriculum, and wellness.


Jinah is currently working on her new play, “Distorted Beauty.”

Bring SHE To Your Institution


She whispered in my ear...

"I AM SHE, I have a story. This gave me courage, this gave me my voice.”  — Audience Member, HERE Arts Center

The best way to describe SHE is the VAGINA MONOLOGUES meets FOR COLORED GIRLS in the 21st century. SHE is about ending violence against women and girls. It is about what happens to women like Sandra Bland; it is about all female identified individuals and it is about healing and empowerment. There is dance, there are monologues and dialogue between the women. There is music, there is film, and there is truth-telling in ways we feel break new ground in theater. Indeed SHE is a piece of art, but it doubles as a powerful movement, extending beyond the stage with educational tools, workshops, and a curriculum/study guide. It is an artistic mirror for our past and present political social climate. SHE's power lies in its ability to say the unsaid. It attaches to the voice in your head, your heart, and your soul by operating on what is most difficult for us to say out loud – the truth.

"With "She," Jinah Parker Triumphs Over A Culture That Abuses Woman"





Interactive Lectures





I Created SHE Out Of A Need

"SHE is a groundbreaking work of art, a community gathering,

and a safe space all in one."


I created SHE out of a need—a need to challenge myself, and a need for women to be heard and experience a sense of release.

After some reflection, I realized that I have been living in oppression for years, and I believe it to be no coincidence that I ended up choosing a theme that presents other women who have been oppressed. Our subconscious is able to speak volumes even when our voice does not. In many ways, I believe this is as much of a healing for me as it is for the survivors portrayed in the production.

SHE is an artistic form of self-expression to promote healing from sexual abuse and violence. Over the past months, four brave women have made the decision to step forward to share their stories of sexual violence. They have allowed me to turn their stories into dance narrative and agreed to dance alongside professional dancers. My casts' dedication to this process and sense of openness have made this journey incredible. This has been the most rewarding choreographic process that I have ever embarked upon. SHE has opened me up to a group of new people, a new sense of self-worth, confidence, and freedom. Together we can empower change.


With Love,



"passionate and necessary"


Cast Memeber of SHE, 2017

A Curriculum

Based on Arts & Activism



"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about."

— Wendy Mass

A list of basic resources for those affected by sexual and other forms of domestic violence.


From The Archive Of SHE

SHE Preview

SHE Has Received Generous Support 


What a passionate piece filled with such devotion and care. The cast of dancers and poets were wonderful and your dancing was gorgeous. I was so moved by your inclusion of me.”


— V: Formally Eve Ensler

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