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One on One Coaching & Healing Sessions

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One on One
Coaching & Healing Sessions

To quote some of my clients, the best way to describe my process is “creative therapy.” As a licensed practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming, I craft each session to fulfill the unique needs of each individual. Sessions may vary on a spectrum, from looking like a face to face conversation to walking through a game of Tix Tac Toe. Whatever your specific condition may be, we work together to get you unstuck! I support you through an interactive process, to peel back the layers in order to heal the root cause of your situation, in many cases resulting in long term and life changing effects.


While neuro-linguistic programming is the primary modality utilized during sessions, I integrate various other techniques such as panic psychotherapy among others, when needed. Additionally, I am available to coaching clients outside of regular office hour to support their healing journey (specific guidelines are indicated upon session agreement).


There may be a life time of things to heal; however, healing does not have to take a life time. Over coming your obstacle can occur through a variety of time lines. Some clients may need one session while others may need several. Each situation is different and requires dedication and patience. Virtual and in person sessions are available.   

Ideal for individuals who...

  • Feel Stuck

  • Desire to release trauma that is holding them back

  • Experience anxiety

  • Have undergone abuse

  • Lack motivation and seek clarity

  • Procrastinate

  • Experience heightened anger, fear, or grief

  • Experience shame or imposter syndrome

  • Seek to enhance their communication & relationships


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Jinah! Our work together has been so…. Revitalizing! Between the energy work (really energy cleansing) and the one on one coaching… I feel that we’ve uncovered SO MANY blocks that I didn’t even know I had. I feel much more in control of my emotions already. I feel stronger as a woman! I feel that I am more excepting of receiving love! Our work together, has brought some of my deepest struggles to the surface! And you’ve been there through it all, to work through it WITH me in real time!!! And I am just so thankful!


Because of our work together, feel that I am better apt to communicating with my partner about my needs. I show up more confident and passionate when helping my clients and my business has grown since we started working together too!!! I feel that I’m also able to use the tools you have provided and taught me on my own when I am experiencing a low point! I cannot wait for our next session!!!

— Client

Monthly Stress & Pain Relief Sessions

Monthly Stress & Pain Relief Sessions

Restorative & Preventative Medicine

Weekly sessions that focus on the wellbeing of your body mind and soul. Sessions generally include either Pranic healing (energy medicine), sound sessions, or reflexology depending on the clients need and location. There is a focus on clearing away congested stress energy that gets stored in the body, releasing toxins, and supporting the body in reaching a state of homeostasis to achieve and maintain optimum health. These sessions are a great way to verbally check in and then mentally check out. Clients leave feeling lighter, relaxed and more equip to handle goals and challenges. Research indicates that 90% of illness is stressed related, thus many clients  that undergo regular sessions experience less “dis-ease” in the body. Monthly packages with at least one session per week is recommended for general mantainance. Sessions can be done virtually or in person. Virtual sessions will not include the option of reflexology.

Ideal for individuals who...

  • Want to reduce stress and achieve or maintain optimum health

  • Are working to create and maintain harmony in the body as a result of “chronic pain or auto immune dis-ease”

  • Are in the process of overcoming cancer or other health challenges

  • Are experiencing mental, emotional or spiritual distress 

  • Plan to undergo surgery (pre and post surgery support)



Sound Sessions

Sound Sessions

Activate your body’s natural ability to heal through an interactive sound session. During this experience, Jinah will guide you through light movement, simple breath work, and visualizations that send you drifting off into the healing vibrations of a sound bath. Each stage of the process is curated to support you in receiving the maximum amount of benefits from the process. Break up congested energy in the body and activate the chakras with movement. Exhale stale energy and calm the mind through breathwork. Then let your subconscious mind explore new levels of growth through guided visualizations and sound. Through the use of alchemy crystal singing bowls, gongs, various chimes, and other healing instruments, you will experience a deep state of relaxation along with an array of other dynamic benefits. Evidence indicates that the soothing comfort of music can potentially decrease stress-related illnesses and serve as a catalyst for emotional and psychological healing. Jinah’s approach is both creative and backed by her research as a PhD student of mind-body medicine. Virtual and in person sessions are available.    

Ideal for individuals who...

  • Wants to relieve stress and negative emotions while

experiencing a deep meditative state (without even trying ; ).



Namaste, thank you! I literally felt back pain melt away in sound.

— Sound Bath Listener

Reflexology Sessions

Reflexology Sessions

Lay back and relax while Jinah works with specific reflexes in your hands and feet to release tension in your body. Each reflex correlates with of your internal organs and body systems, offering the benefits of a full body massage and beyond. Sessions are meant to increase blood circulation that aid the body in flushing out toxins thus decreasing stress and promoting over all good health. Reflexology is designed to help you function at peak efficiency while leaving your entire body feeling lighter, and your mind more relaxed. Jinah practices the Ingham Method. In person sessions are available in Brooklyn, NY. Out of office sessions are available for an additional fee.

Ideal for individuals who...

  • Would like to improve their health and wellbeing 

  • Experience fibromyalgia

  • Experience back pain

  • Are dancers, movers, runners or athletes


I could not recommend Jinah’s reflexology treatments more highly. As a dancer, I initially went to seek out some relaxation for my feet. I did not realize how holistic the treatments were going to be and that they truly heal the whole body. I felt such physical and mental calm after each treatment. High marks!

— Elise King, Jennifer Muller/The Works 

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