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Creating Pathways
For Healing

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A Creative Mind-Body Medicine Approach to Holistic Wellness


Through a creative and multimodal approach, I work with my clients to provide personalized care and holistic wellness. I establish deep relationships by working on a soul to soul level focusing on the root cause of mental and physical health challenges. Depending on the client's needs, I pull from a wide range of alternative modalities supported by research, case studies, and personal stories of success. Mind-body medicine is part of the interactive system meant to work along side conventional medicine as a way to support and often times amplify or accelerate the impact. I specialize in trauma release, dismantling mental blockages, and redefining what the medical field refers to as chronic health conditions. Remember, your body, mind, and soul have the incredible ability to heal. Together, we create the best environment for this natural mechanism to occur. Whether you are experiencing a challenging time in your life or seeking a way to reduce stress and prevent illness, I am honored to work with you!

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"I can proudly say that Jinah is my life coach!  First off, her loving energy is unmatched. When you speak with her, you immediately know she's on your side and that she truly cares about helping you to solve your pain points. Maybe you need a session where you don't want to do a lot of talking but you still need some healing. My friends, she will go into her closet and whip out her crystal singing bowls and fill you with light filled energy. And don't think for a minute she's a softy because she is soft spoken. Jinah will challenge you to push the envelope so you can get through your issues.  It's kind of strange, she doesn't heal you directly, she somehow gets you to see a variety of sides to yourself and to see the way you think. Jinah is a master at finding and understanding the many mindsets we have adopted for ourselves. The very mindsets that rule our lives and influence all the decisions we make. She gets you to that crucial aha moment, and the rest becomes history. Thank you, Jinah for your wisdom, love and support!"  

— Konrad Adderley, Musician at Wicked on Broadway


Modalities In Practice

Each modality has a variety of effective results. The condition and unique qualities of each individual will dictate which modality(s) will have the greatest impact.

Energy Medicine

Pranic Healing

Improve mental and physical health conditions. Reduce pain and accelerate healing. Maintain optimum health.



Release mental blockages. Gain control over your emotions. Release trauma, fear, and anxiety.

Sound Sessions

Sound | Meditation | Breathwork

Calm the mind and body. Increase inner reflection, patience, imagination, and creativity. Improved sleep and mood boosting.


Feet & Hands

Eliminate toxins,

reduce inflammation, and relax.

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