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A Series of Sound Sessions

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Interactive Sound Session for Holistic Healing

Activate your body’s natural ability to heal through an interactive sound session. During this experience, Jinah will guide you through light movement, simple breath work, and visualizations that send you drifting off into the healing vibrations of a sound bath. Each stage of the process is curated to support you in receiving the maximum amount of benefits from the process. Break up congested energy in the body and activate the chakras with movement. Exhale stale energy and calm the mind through breathwork. Then, let your subconscious mind explore new levels of growth through guided visualizations and sound. Through the use of alchemy crystal singing bowls, gongs, various chimes, and other healing instruments, you will experience a deep state of relaxation along with an array of other dynamic benefits. Evidence indicates that the soothing comfort of music can potentially decrease stress-related illnesses and serve as a catalyst for emotional and psychological healing. Jinah’s approach is both creative and backed by her research as a PhD student of mind-body medicine.  

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Activation of the Body's Natural Ability to Heal
Enhanced Communication and Compassion
Increased Self-Confidence
Decreased Anxiety and Depression
Release Undesirable Emotions,
Thought Forms and Habits
Increased Self-Awareness
Inner Peace
Enhanced Focus and Creativity
Improved Sleep
& More!
  • Why Jinah?
    Jinah’s background in dance, theater, playwriting, and education becomes infused with her diverse training in wellness and natural intuitive spirit. As someone who has overcome her own experiences with trauma by utilizing alternative modalities, Jinah is able to meet participants where they are and carefully and confidently support the wellness journey of others. She approaches each session with creativity, and deep listening, fueled by her years of experience as an educator. Furthermore, her work is continuously enhanced through her current studies as a mind-body medicine doctoral student. As a result, Jinah remains up to date on current research and advancements in the field.
  • What is a Sound Bath?
    An immersive mind-body experience where the participant is “bathed” in sounds. Soothing yet powerful healing instruments are used to induce a deep state of relaxation resulting in an array of benefits.
  • Why Sound?
    Music is a familiar part of life for most people around the world. Music as medicine transcends time, languages, and cultures and is old as medicine itself. Evidence indicates that the soothing comfort of music can induce relaxation, reduce pain and anxiety, and potentially decrease stress-related dis-ease in the body. Studies show that a combination of sound bowls, deep breathing, and visualizations, along with love and kindness meditations, serves as a catalyst for emotional and psychological healing. Unlike medication and yoga, this form of relation and stress relief does not require training or a great deal of discipline making it an extremely simple and accessible wellness modality. Simply lying down and listening to a combination of singing bowls, gongs, and other meditative sounds induce a deep relaxation response which positively affects one’s mood and sense of well-being. Participants may even fall asleep if desired and still receive the benefits. At the very least, participants will feel a deep relaxation and inner peace following the sound experience. A Little History… Hippocrates, the father of Greek medicine, was known to play music for his patients. Aristotle used music as a force that purified the emotions. Plato believed that music attuned the soul to the cosmos. In Chinese medicine, music is thought to possess a “quasi-magical transformative power.”
  • Why Light Movement?
    Most of us sit or stand in one spot during the day locking stress-energy and creating tension in the body. Movement helps to unlock congested energy while energizing the mind and body. Through the clearing of congested energy, the body is able to receive greater benefits from sound and/or meditation.
  • Why Mindful Breathing?
    Mindful breathing helps to ground us in the present moment facilitating the process of “letting go” before the sound bath and/or meditation even begins. Mindful breathing has been reported to decrease stress and negative thinking while reducing anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed and burnout.
  • Why Visualization?
    Much of our life is guided by the pictures that we create in our head. When we learn to use these images to our benefit through guided multi-sensory visualizations, we have the ability to increase our joy, confidence, and productivity. Because our subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between fantasy and reality, we become limitless, setting our lives into complete expansion. In an article on the success of Michael Jordan, the author states: Jordan started to practice the mindset of visualization, imagining himself making the game-winning shot well before he stepped on the basketball court. Jordan’s imagination fueled his confidence, drive, and belief in himself. — Christopher D. Connors, The Medium I never hit a shot, not even in practice, without having a very sharp in-focus picture of it in my head. — Jack Nicklaus, Golfer
  • What are the Benefits of the Experience?
    Optimize the quality of life and improve physical, social, communicative, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual health and well-being. Relaxation. The body's physiological response to relaxation includes lowered blood pressure, which counters the flight or flight response, and the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system. If the parasympathetic nervous system is functioning well, it reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke, and migraines while improving gut health. Cultivates self-awareness and a stronger body-mind connection, which is essential to long-term wellness. Enhances community, compassion, and communication, therefore developing stronger working relationships. Stillness to quiet the mind and acquire a sense of inner peace and calm. Work through and release undesirable emotions, thought forms, and habits. Significantly decrease anxiety and depression. Increased self-confidence. Enhanced focus and the ability to listen and pay greater attention to detail. Creativity. Improved sleep. Activation of the body’s natural ability to heal.
  • What Should I Wear?
    Dress Comfortably : ) Participants usually recline on their Yoga mat. However, you also have the option of bringing a meditation pillow or sitting on a chair.
  • What Should I Bring?
    Please bring a yoga mat. Blankets are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. You may also consider bringing the following for your own comfort; however, they are not required. Blanket Pillow Eye mask Anything to support your personal comfort.
  • Etiquette
    To ensure everyone's comfort, please do your best to address the following. Kindly arrive punctually. Late arrivals can be quite disruptive to fellow guests once the sound bath has commenced. Please do your best to refrain from wearing any strong perfumes or scents as a consideration to others.
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