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The Meditation & Gratitude Challenge

Your Roadmap to Peace in 30 Days

Be more centered and at ease throughout the daily ups and downs of life, while bringing a more balanced & relaxed energy to your career and personal projects!

Here is a reminder of what you get!

The Meditation Plan

  • Powerful Weekly Meditations (A combination of Powerful FREE and purchasable meditations)

  • Why this form of meditation works 

  • The "How To’s" of meditation 

  • 1 weekly LIVE group meditation led by Jinah

  • 2 Weekly LIVE group check-ins / Q&A with Jinah

  • Daily accountability messages to encourage your journey


The Gratitude GAME 

  • Daily Gratitude Prompts

  • Kindness prompts

  • Why serve / donate

  • How to choose YOUR perfect place of service or donation site (Surprise: How and where you donate can fast track the law of attraction)  


*Private Facebook group for community support and additional Tips and Resources to enhance your journey.


The Results

  • Control over your stress and overwhelm 

  • A renewed sense of inner peace

  • The ability to handle stressful or difficult situations with much more ease (the crazy part is that this will just start to happen naturally. You won’t even have to think about it.) 

  • You become proactive rather than reactive allowing you to control the situation

  • You will feel lighter and experience more joy

  • Your positive energetic vibration will increase allowing more positively to come into your life. 

  • Better sleep is a possibility 

  • Better health is a possibility

Price $20
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