The Jinah Parker Project is a non-profit arts organization created to inspire people of all backgrounds through dance, choreography, education and social media. Tackling major social issues in America and globally Jinah views dance as a transformative tool to encourage cultural exchange, courageous conversations, and individual and community action. In short Jinah’s art is for “the people” and is inspired by everyday people. Her newest major effort in that regard is SHE, a Choreoplay that deals with issues around sexual violence against women and girls, what happens to women like Sandra Bland, and it is about empowerment and healing.

SHE utilizes dance, drama, song, and video to highlight what the New York Times Magazine has called one of the major human rights issues of the 21st century: gender violence. Workshopped twice at New York Live Arts – run by legendary dancer and choreographer Bill T. Jones – SHE was completely sold out at both performances.  The production continued to develop in Spring of 2017 during its 15-show run at New York City’s HERE Arts Center.  She will premiere Off-Broadway in Fall of 2018.

With SHE Jinah has created the template for her work going forward, a template, which includes performance, conversation, and curriculum. Additionally, Jinah uses an aesthetic she describes as “distorted beauty,” which takes classic dance lines and breaks the rules, resulting in crisp and electrifying new movements. That is the vision and mission of The Jinah Parker Project: Dance. Choreography. Education.

"Moving evocative, thoughtful, and impressive.”
- Ethan Paulini, Theater Director

“We have all heard the phrase ‘Speak truth to power,’ but I think what SHE advocates is a little different. It is as if Jinah is infusing power into hope, into justice, into a call for radical change to rid our society and all societies of sexual violence.” – Cisco Bradley, College Professor, Writer, Activist

Photo by, Mickey Hoelscher

Photo by, Danial Sneed