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Gaining Access to Manifest Excellence

The Gratitude 



Welcome to that safe, brave & exciting space that you have been looking for! A space to gain & maintain a positive mindset, while learning to activate The Law Of Attraction! Manifest your deepest desires in 2021 with the supportive accountability that you need!

The AWESOMENESS That You Will Receive:

Learn how to ACTIVATE The Law Of Attraction with my monthly gratitude formula!

Get SUPER CLEAR about your GOALS with my "Vision Boarding Done Right" workshop!

Weekly voice to voice CHECK-IN's with me!



  • On the last Thursday of each month, we will all gather to share, chat, laugh, learn & celebrate!     A Replay will be available for you if you can't make it.

  • Gain additional tools and techniques to support your journey.

  • An exciting variety of special guest speakers in wellness and the healing arts. ---- INCREDIBLE LINE UP! 






The Perks! 

10% off my Coaching & Energy Wellness Sessions! THIS IS SOOOO MAJOR! 

Instantly become part of the referral program! When you get a friend to sign up, you get one month free!



Get ALL of this awesomeness RIGHT NOW for only $39 a month!

A year long program with only a 4 month commitment!

My Life Changed in the most RADICAL WAYS in just one year by following this formula. 

It Works!

Just look at the results after only 8 days of consistent gratitude!

"I'm calmer. As a teacher in a jail, I'm often met with many "I can't," "This sucks," "Why do I need to know this?" E.t.c. by meditating, praying and writing about gratitude each morning, my response to my students was much more positive...and I believed what I was saying!!"

"It was a marvelous experience, I felt a synergy which lead me to be more aware of my gratitude! I normally feel gratitude beaming from my heart chakra but during this challenge, I felt gratitude integrating in my whole body. Not only the physical body but the etheric body also! It felt like every cell of my body was experiencing gratitude which I have never felt before!

"My sleep was better which is invaluable."

— All participants of The 8 Day Gratitude GAME Challenge.

The Magic is in the formula & the consistency! 

Gaining Access to Manifest Excellence

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