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  • by Jinah Parker

Parker Talks Postures

Balancing Stick Pose - Tulandandasana

-My Favorite Benefits: -Increases cardiovascular circulation, especially to the heart blood vessels -Relieves stress from the spine -Good for varicose veins -Builds strength in the legs -Exercises the pancreas, spleen, liver, nervous and circulatory system My body is tired today. Yoga was extra hard. As soon as the first breathing exercise was over my body was like what are you doing here? My muscles were sore from a rehearsal the day before, my arthritis in my back had become aggravated, and I was just generally tired as a result of an intense week. So what was I doing there? ..... I needed the peace, the calmness, and the physical therapy that yoga provides me. I love dance, but it can aggravate my back at times specifically when experimenting with non traditional movement that you may do repeatedly. This is why I need yoga! My arthritis has significantly improved every since I went back to yoga and my body can feel it when I have missed a few days. Regular practice is so incredible important to me. It has such a deep impact physically, mentally, and emotionally. Namaste! #Parkertalkspostures #happiness #peace #Focus #dancer #yogi #yoga #hotyoga #Bikram #BikramyogaBrooklyn #balancingstickpose #tulandandasana

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