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  • By Jinah Parker

Parker Talks Postures

Triangle pose Trikonasana - the master posture of the standing series

While this posture may look easy it is indeed very challenging. Your body is being pulled and stretched in opposite directions requiring amazing concentration.

My Favorite Benefits:

- Works and strengthens all major muscle groups at the same time - A cardio workout requiring very little movement - Helps regulate hormone levels - Stimulates respiratory system, reproductive organs, kidneys, thyroid, adrenal glands - Relieves stress and anxiety

At this point in class it is very easy to give up... Which is why I make the choice to push through. First because I want to receive the amazing benefits and more importantly because yoga is a great place to practice the habit of positive choice making. This practice undoubtedly transfers into your everyday life. During the school year my students receive a weekly participation grade. On the rubric the only difference between a 3 ( meeting expectation) and 4 ( exceeding expectation) is simply the amount of consistent effort place in their work. To hold them accountable I ask the question "Do you push through when times are tough?"

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