We Can Heal!

"We can heal the world but first we must heal ourselves."


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Are you committed to your

own healing?

How serious are you?

I have discovered that healing is indeed possible, full transformation is possible but we have to really want it. That means committing to the process, making it a lifestyle choice! It may not be easy but it is worth it!


As I continue my personal journey towards healing and continuous personal growth, I am committed to helping YOU on yours. It is my honor to work with you!

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Stasis Offerings

Finding balance and stillness in your day through reflexology and energy medicine. 


Rejuvenate and Flow! Doctors agree that over 75% of our health problems can be linked to stress and tension. Reflexology improves nerve and blood supply assisting nature in normalizing the body. Tell me MORE!

Pranic Healing

Align, Balance, Heal! So many issues that manifest in our bodies begin on the energetic level (Think Emotions). This form of energy healing helps to realign your energetic imbalances. Tell me MORE! 

Essential Oil Sessions 

Connect to your inner self! Want a deeper mediation practice? Discover the incredible power of essential oils (Plant Prana) when meditating. Tell me MORE!



"Before my session with Jinah, I was overwhelmed with the stress of a big move and my body was holding tension in several places. I’d never done reflexology and didn’t really know what to expect. Jinah made me feel comfortable and safe, explaining each step of the process thoroughly. As she began to work on my feet, I could feel layers of toxic energy melting away. Afterwards, my mind and spirit felt cleansed and my body more relaxed. This state of calmness lasted for quiet a while and allowed me to handle daily challenges with more clarity and ease. Jinah has been blessed with gift of healing! I would recommend her to anyone seeking to heal their bodies or find balance in their lives. She’s phenomenal!"  


— Jasmin Simmons, Jamal Jackson Dance Company / The Francesca Harper Project

"What's funny about Jinah's reflexology work is that you feel subtle tingles going on throughout your body that let you know something is happening but in the moment you have no bearing for the immensity of what those tingles signify. It is only after you've taken the time to stand up -- slowly, she cautions, and thank goodness! -- that you realize the full effect of what she has done for you. After I stood up, with Jinah standing near by in case I stumbled, I noticed that my body was jelly like and free of tension for the first time in years. My body literally did not know how to hold itself up at first because I've been muscling through things for so long. After working with Jinah my body felt as if it were in that magical neutral place that Pilates teachers like to talk about but can never get you to. Most fascinatingly to me was the lack of pain it took to get me there. Again, there were pangs and tingly sensations but this was worlds removed from the "no pain, no gain" mantra I am accustomed to. 


I trusted that Jinah knew what she was doing during our session because of the way she explained the process and what it was doing to my body, but I did not believe it would actually work -- partially because nothing else ever has and because I didn't understand the power of what she was doing. My real world results after one session with Jinah are that my hip released, my quads relaxed, and the awful tension that I have been carrying around in my shoulders, upper back, and neck dissolved. I still don't understand how but I know that no other modality -- massage, Rolfing, yoga, acupuncture, meditation, embryonic breathing exercises, aromatherapy -- has worked. 


I teach children so accumulating layers of stress is always going to be a part of my life, but now I feel secure in knowing that I have a way to divest myself of that unbearable pain. I am committed to Reflexology with Jinah as essential to my healing and restorative practice and I am grateful that she has opened my eyes to this life changing method."


— Juan Michael Porter II, Performer/Educator 

"I could not recommend Jinah’s reflexology treatments more highly. As a dancer, I initially went to seek out some relaxation for my feet. I did not realize how holistic the treatments were going to be and that they truly heal the whole body. I felt such physical and mental calm after each treatment. High marks!" 


— Elise King, Jennifer Muller/The Works 

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