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SHE is an artistic movement, education tool and healing space.  All offerings are broken into 3 sections and can be further modified to suit your institution's needs.  Please contact us for bookings and pricing.


Full Production of SHE

The Jinah Parker Project cast will come to your venue to perform the full production of SHE.  A post show discussion will follow.


Excerpts of SHE

Some members of the cast will come to your venue to perform selected excerpts from SHE.  A post show discussion will follow.



A multimodal and interactive speaking engagement between Jinah and the audience.



Human development and empowerment.


Individual scenes from SHE are set on students.


Technique and somatic classes taught by Jinah or members of The Jinah Parker Project.


A combination of SEEING, SPEAKING, and DOING, where The Jinah Parker Project sets the full production or excerpts on the students at your institution.  Residencies include the SHE curriculum.

Click HERE to download the full SHE Kit.

A 30min Talk Back Discussion will follow all SHE Productions


The Curriculum At A Glance

  1. Women’s workshops for all women to explore issues of sexism, violence, survival, and healing.

  • Storytelling, art, and movement exploration

  • Unpacking the fear & moving forward

  • Resources


  2.  MENS discussion and action workshop

  • Perception of women

  • Role play

  • Solutions

  • Action steps


  3.  Dance technique class

  • Dance students not involved in the production of SHE have the opportunity to take class, learn choreography from the show, and participate in conversation around the show.


4.  Yoga and meditation

  • Learning how to focus on inner piece through movement

Residencies include the SHE Curriculum

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