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"She offered techniques that created a comfortable space for me to open up. After the 60 minutes session with Jinah, I felt like the weight had been lifted off me and I felt good. The anger that I had been harboring for years left my spirit... I am grateful for the NLP experience."

— Lakeisha Carter

Neuro Linguistic Programming

"My goal is to assist you in removing roadblocks, trauma, and negative experiences in your life by providing you with the tools and techniques needed to live your best life."

What is NLP?

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a cognitive behavior therapy that takes into consideration the way a person thinks, acts, and speaks. 


Neuro refers to the nervous system which regulates how one behaves. 

Linguistics refers to ones language patterns (speech and actions).

Programming refers to how the elements of speech, actions, and thoughts actually function.


NLP looks at behavior patterns, specifically the patterns that limit us.

How does NLP work?

NLP reprograms memories that are not serving you in a positive way to provide a new way of thinking. NLP does not erase or black memories but works to re-represent the memories so that your neurology is no long negatively affected by them. 


Explore a list of commonly asked questions about NLP here.

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See things differently! 

“Sometimes, reality is the illusion, and the truth only visible where our eyes can’t see.”

— Lady Lalaigne

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