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I created SHE out of a need—a need to challenge myself, and a need for women to be heard and experience a sense of release. I have encountered so many women after concerts that have congratulated me and mentioned that they wish they could get on stage or that they wished to be a dancer in a future life. This was my inspiration to use the "non-dancer" as the dancer. Movement is freeing and therefore healing.

After some reflection I realized that I have been living in oppression for years and I believe it to be no coincidence that I ended up choosing a theme that presents other women that have been oppressed. Our subconscious is able to speak volumes even when our voice does not. In many ways I believe this is as much of a healing for me as it is for the survivors portrayed in the production.

The above said, SHE is an artistic form of self-expression to promote healing from sexual abuse and violence. Over the past months four brave women have made the decision to step forward to share their stories of sexual violence. They have allowed me to turn their stories into dance narrative and agreed to dance along side professional dancers. My casts’ dedication to this process and sense of openness has made this journey incredible. This has been the most rewarding choreographic process that I have ever embarked upon. SHE has opened me up to a group of new people, a new since of self-worth, confidence, and freedom. Together we can empower change.


With Love,

Jinah Parker

Photo by Jeffrey Mosier

Photo By Mickey Hoelscher

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