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Artist Talks

Getting to know the artists behind the work.

See Marcella and other members of A.I.M at Summer Stage August 1st 8pm/ Special Youth Performance on July 31st 11am

In this delightful conversation Jinah speaks with Marcella (Princess Grace Award Recipient 2018) about why she loves working with A.I.M, who inspires her, and how being true to herself has driven her work as an artist. This conversation is an excellent reminder of how ones humble gratitude and deep commitment can fuel a journey.
Aired: 7/27/18

Dance Every Damn Day: Artist Talk with Guest Julia Ehrstrand & David Scarantino

Jinah speaks with Julia and David about Julia's new dance collective, the importance of being curious, and going back to the basics as a way to recharge.  See how Julia has used the resources around her to bring the world together through dance.  This is a joyful conversation that is good for the soul.

Aired: 7/18/18

Jinah speaks with Sidra about her unique brand and upcoming show.  See how Sidra is a distinct trailblazer for the dance world.

Aired: 6/22/18 

In this powerful conversation, Jinah speaks with Solomon about his journey and how holding on to a little bit of faith can get you your dream job! Watch this modern day fairy tale filled with truth, passion, pain, and perseverance.

Aired: 6/15/18

Jinah speaks with Elise about the reality of hard work, why she loves working with Jennifer Muller,  and how she has put her dance skills to use beyond the stage. Elise has a can do attitude about life that we could all benefit from.

Aired: 6/14/18

Jinah speaks with Jennifer Muller, Artistic Director and Visionary behind her Dance Company Jennifer Muller/ The Works.  In an intimate discussion, Jennifer discusses her upcoming show at NYLA, how she navigated through the dance and rose to the top despite adversity. This is truly an engaging conversation! 


Jinah speaks with Nuria about her experience with MICHIYAYA Dance and the process leading up to Annex Vol. 1.  Nuria passionately speaks about dance, sharing her inner most feelings-- a powerful conversation.


Jinah speaks to Mitsuko about Michiyaya, their upcoming performance, life and inspiration. Get to know one of the ladies behind Michiyaya Dance.


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